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Where else to find me

2016-01-05 19:02:37 by Ardhamon

So hey guys..this is just a heads up to tell you guys where else you all can find me if ya'll wanna follow me on other places.

Note some of the content on these websites may be considered adult so enter with precaution.






InkBunny (just made):-

SoFurry (just made):-

Tumblr (new blog just made):-

Commissions are open

2014-12-25 21:00:58 by Ardhamon

So more recently, I had just received a paypal account so I decided to take commissions. So here are some different price ranges.

Traditional Art:-

Pencil Sketch -$ 3

Cleaned-Up Pencil drawing - $ 5

Inked Drawing - $ 8

Colored and Inked Drawing - $ 10

An Extra $1 per additional character

And Extra $3 for backgrounds...

Digital Art:-

Digital Sketch -$ 5

Lineart - $ 8

Flat Colors - $ 10

Shaded Colors - $ 12

An Extra $2 per additional character

An Extra $7 for backgrounds

SFW and NSFW is okay

I just won't draw anything like
Paw or Feet
Extreme Fetishes Like Vore, Scat, etc
Any excessively Gory or Bloody imagery (Only mild wounds. monsters or zombies)
Also nothing weird like Shota or loli

If you want a commission, feel free to send me a personal message and tell me what you want.

Artist/Animator Nalem is publishing her webcomic and is doing that by using Kickstarter.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter

If you want to read her webcomic then go here.

Please support "Lighter than Heir"

Hey everyone.

I'm just wanting to say that I'm in need of some help.

A friend of mine is wanting some help with his flash series. He's needing someone who's really good at composing and interested in doing some background music. He's had two people help him, but they stopped a while ago.

So if any of you are interested, you can notify him on his facebook.

or his Youtube.

Hope you guys can help out because he'd really appreciate it.

I'm a voice actor for his show, I voice the character Purp.

Composers and Musical people needed

Edd Gould R.I.P.

2012-03-28 07:57:29 by Ardhamon

I have heard the recent news and to be honest, I'm shocked by this.

A member of the Newgrounds community and someone I will never get to know.

He was a really talented guy, his films were pretty good and I liked his voice talent. He also seemed like someone who would have been nice to talk to as a lot of people liked him. Unfortunately, his time has come as he had recently passed away. He was in a fighting battle with cancer (leukemia) which shocked me when I first found out because I obviously didn't know much about him. But I was hoping that he would recover and according to some people he did seem alright but cancer is obviously a bitch and it killed him.

I can relate to Tom and Matt who also passed out the news. I had a family member of mine die from breast cancer and we thought she was going to recover before that.

So my regards to Edd (may he rest his peace and may god have mercy on him) and also to his Family, Tom, Matt, and his other friends that he's worked with in the past aswell as the IRL ones.

He shall be missed.

Hello everyone

2011-09-30 17:44:03 by Ardhamon

Been deciding whether I should make an account here or not and I guess I just decided to go ahead and join this community.

I'm not sure whether to join here and just submit art or also be a voice actor. I am wanting to try out some animations, but that'll probably come in due time.

I hope to have a great time here and meet many great people on here.