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Damn this was a fantastic collaboration!! I love the colors on the characters and backgrounds! You really did a great job on making the characters stick out. Honestly RecD did a fantastic job on the music too. Everything worked out great, too!

This was really fun to watch. The amazing animation, the great sound design and even the funny Goofy Movie reference made this fun to watch. Nice job dude.

This was an awesome collaboration! The animation was beautifully executed and everyone here did an amazing job.

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Man what a collab!! I seriously gotta hand it to all of you guys for putting in so much effort within this collab. I honestly gotta say you all did a wonderful job with the art, animation, games and so on and so forth.

I just surprised that Newgrounds is actually 20 years old !! It boggles my mind. I certainly hope it stays around longer and inspires more and more people to create and continues to entertain like it always has for me as long as 2003.

Ok, so I LOVE Earthbound and the rest of the Mother series but I honestly can't find myself to like this game.

So the music and graphics look great as everything is spot on with the similarities to Earthbound visually. Even the menus and the gifts as well as the trippy background.

But the controls are a mess. Like Nuss is really heavy and feels like just drops faster than the actual Flappy Bird. The hit detection and the interaction is terrible as there were times when I was passing through the houses and I barely hit a house and I still die. Plus it does lag quite often too which adds more to the frustration.

Overall this is a great attempt but a lot could be improved.

Man, this is a great way to bring me back to my childhood.

Loved Gold and Silver.

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Truly a work of fucking art!!! Absolutely loved it!!

This is amazing mate!! I love it.

megadrivesonic responds:

glad you enjoy it.

Love the punk feel of this song. It feels so late 90's-2006.

Reminds me of a mixture of All-American Rejects and Green Day.

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The idea is really cute and funny. I love your colors and your poses! Nice job overall!!

I love the way you did the body as I loved the sorta chibi-esque style where big characters are drawn as this big mass. The shading and the stance is pretty good, too. This actually makes me want to do more pixel art.

For some reason I'm expecting one of these muppets (moreso Bert) to scream "Does he look like a bitch?" This is odd as none of them have the Samuel Jackson look.

I'm an amateur artist who's wanting to improve his skills. I also would like to be an animator and voice actor. If you want, you could hire me.


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